Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Who's the Biggest Loser?

Yesterday was my weekly weigh-in day and I lost another pound for a total of 22 lbs lost since January 1st. But the exciting news is that it was also the final day of the Blarney Challenge, the month long weight loss challenge with 25 other women on The Biggest Loser Club website.

No, I didn't win the challenge, even though I lost 7 lbs during the event, but it was exciting to watch these women band together with the common goal of becoming healthier. It's been a month of encouragement, ups, downs, and bonding. Although we only handed out prizes to the top 3 women, every single woman in the challenge lost weight during the 4 week run. As a group, we lost a combined total of 186.5 lbs!!!

The winners of the Blarney Challenge are:

Joyful*Jani - who lost a whopping 31.5 lbs in 4 weeks!
Chardestar - who was no slouch with a lost of 20 lbs
Charity+Cheryl - who lost a stunning 11 lbs

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