Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Peep Show

As soon as I saw the above photo (sent to me by my friend and co-worker Stacy Mutrynowski) many, many, many thoughts flooded my already over-taxed brain:

1. How hysterical!
2. Is nothing sacred?
3. Wow, what detail!
4. I may never eat Peeps again.
5. Someone has way too much time on their hands.
6. There has to be a novel idea in here somewhere.
7. What kind of sick mind looks at marshmallow candy and does a brain leap to strippers, g-strings and poles?
8. This is absolutely brilliant and scary at the same time.
9. I want to meet whoever created this.


Diana said...

How cute. I agree with #4... I may never eat peeps again (ok, maybe not without laughing first).

Aimless Writer said...

My thought?
Why didn't I think of this!
Definitely thinking out side of the box.
Thanks for the smile.

Shawna Avery said...

LOL! This is too hilarious. I must say the bunny pasties are my favorite detail.

And you're right--someone has too much time on their hands.