Monday, March 24, 2008

Catching Up

I've been out of it for the past week. I've been going through the motions of going to work and writing, but truthfully I've been MIA from my life. Not sure where I've been, but I do know that this morning when I woke up I was back. I guess it was a kind of "in body" vacation.

I'm on call for jury duty this week. Made it through one day without having to report to the courthouse in downtown LA and am hoping I make it through the entire week. Fortunately, I'm not busy at work and not on a sizzling deadline, so if I get called in, it won't be a disaster.

This weekend I didn't do much of anything but write and spruce up the apartment, but last weekend was packed with activity. On Saturday Darrell James and I spoke at the Glendora Library and on Sunday I was a guest speaker, along with the fabulous T. Jefferson Parker, at the Anaheim Library Fund Raiser. This year the event was entitled "Murder in the OC." Both were fantastic and fun.

At the Anaheim event, I donated a character's name in the upcoming The Ghost of Granny Apples for the live auction. Would you believe it raised $1,800!!!! No shit! There was a bidding war between two folks and when it got up to $800-$900, I raised my hand and offered two character names if the two bidders would match each other. And they did! All for a good cause. I've already written both winners into the manuscript. I offer character names quite often as charity prizes, and until now the highest such a prize has raised has been $400. Wow!

As for weighing in ... see you next week. Enuf said?
Speaking of figures - Figure Magazine gave Thugs and Kisses a recommendation in their March/April 2008 issue! Yeeeeeeeeee Haaa!

Photos: top - with Darrell James; bottom - with T. Jefferson Parker (more about our little friend later this week).

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