Monday, February 11, 2008

Chronicling a Naked Lady Quickie

Relaxing in the Rain - The Seattle cold and rain didn't dampen our spirits one bit as Christa Faust and I landed in the lovely city of Seattle on Friday 2 hours late. After she dropped me off at my hotel, she proceed to Gig Habor to visit her grandmother, whose birthday is today. (Happy Birthday Christa's Grandma!). I spent the evening relaxing and getting ready for our quickie book tour by ordering room service and watching the movie Juno, which I highly recommend, followed by finishing Black Widow Agency by Felicia Donovan.

Our Boy Marcus - On Saturday morning, Christa picked me up and we headed to the Seattle Mystery Book Shop to continue our Naked Lady Tour. There we teamed up with honorary Naked Lady Marcus Sakey (gotta love that curly hair!) for a book signing. If you ever find yourself in Seattle, do not miss dropping by this charming and wonderful bookstore filled with the best the mystery community has to offer in books and knowledgeable and fun people. And check out their blog where each guest author gets to write something to commemorate their experience. This store is a must and should be featured on Seattle's tourist pamphlets.

Pimping Christa - After, Christa and I hopped into our rental car and dashed to the Barnes and Noble in Woodinville where we took part in a Local Authors Gala and were the only non-local authors present. It was a very mixed bag of authors and books and we followed a pet psychic on the bill. (No, I'm not kidding.) The pet psychic had a pretty full audience for her presentation, but when Christa and I stepped up, the folks scattered like we had a disease, leaving us with rows of empty chairs. We stood around for a few minutes before I observed many men in the store shyly ogling Christa in her skin tight vintage vamp outfit and suede high heeled sandals (yes, in the rain). Sensing an opportunity, I told Christa to start reading from her book, which she did, carefully editing the non-PG parts. Soon we had an audience (ok, mostly men) and went forward with our Naked Lady presentation, followed by a book signing. From there we headed to the Barnes and Noble at University Village. Here we were just scheduled to sign stock. It was a shame this stop was so quick because this huge multi-level B&N was teaming with people on an early Saturday night. Next time I'm in Seattle, I want to make sure it's on my signing schedule.

Hoisting a Few - Our signing duties done for Saturday, we headed back downtown to the Zig Zag Cafe to meet up with the fabulous Vince and Rosemarie Keenan, Marcus, and Kim from the Seattle Mystery Book Shop for early drinks. The Zig Zag is a great bar and I mean GREAT. Definitely another not-to-be-missed Seattle establishment. I was drinking Irish Coffees (what else on a cold and rainy night? and no, I did NOT count my Weight Watcher points!) and the coffee was freshly pressed for each drink. The conversation was lively and eclectic and we all agreed to sign releases that none of it would be uttered once we left the Zig Zag. Christa doesn't drink, but that doesn't inhibit her one bit. Geez, I wonder what she'd be like with a bit of sauce in her?! It's almost scarey to think about. After Marcus and Kim left, Vince, Rosemarie, Christa and I tightened our ranks and more releases were signed. My deepest regret is that I didn't get a photo of Vince and Rosemarie to commemorate the evening. Back at my hotel, I curled up with a book and read for another 2 hours.

The Last Hurrah - Sunday, Christa and I headed to our last signing at the Barnes and Noble in Tukwila. The store greeted us warmly and we had a very successful joint signing, selling lots of copies of both Money Shot and Thugs and Kisses. After chowing down on some tasty Thai food, Christa dropped me off at the airport. I was able to catch an earlier flight home and was happy to sleep in my own bed surrounded by my kitties.

Now it's back to the day job and my tight writing schedule. I didn't get much writing done while on this road trip, but I had FUN and read 2 books and half of another.

Top - The Naked Ladies, plus 1
2nd - With the crew of the FABULOUS Seattle Mystery Book Shop
3rd - Christa vamping at the Woodinville Barnes and Noble
4th - Hoisting a few with Marcus Sakey.

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