Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend This 'n That

I'm having a wonderful 3-day weekend. Hope you all are, as well. There is nothing I enjoy more than having several days mostly to myself to catch up on my life, especially after finishing up a new book.

The unexpected came on Saturday when I was on a panel at Vroman's Book Store with Harley Jane Kozak, Kathryn Lilley and Patricia Smiley. We were half way through our discussion with a full audience when the power went out! Not to be deterred by a little black out, we continued. At least we did until the store manager told us they needed to evacuate the store.

But we're troopers. Once outside, we gathered in the little plaza behind the store and continued the panel and Q&A. No books were sold because the store was shut down, but it was very successful nonetheless. I heard the power outage was caused by a fire and blown transformer a few blocks away.

True to my vow to take this week off from writing, I spent a lot of time this weekend watching movies and reading, as well as organizing around the house. Today's agenda includes cleaning out my clothes closet. Of course, that also means dismantling some of B's favorite hiding spots, but she'll have to live with it.

I finished Tim Maleeny's Beating the Babushka this weekend, and loved it! It's the second in his Cape Weathers series. Now I'm moving on to Felicia Donovan's The Black Widow Agency, both books are from my publisher, Midnight Ink. I'm also reading a couple of manuscripts that I promised friends I would blurb for them.

Another promise I made to myself for this weekend was to update my website. It hadn't been done in 5 months. I spent 3 hours last night doing that.

Finally, below are the winners of the "How Well Did You Follow the Trail to the Pail" contest:

1st Prize - Shirley P. of Mountain View, CA
2nd Prize - Sylvia C. of Winston, GA
3rd Prize - Diana H. of Willingboro, NJ

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. We had many more entries than last year! And stay tuned. Another contest will be announced in the fall of 2008.

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