Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Postpartum Depression? Who, Me?

Don't tell Tom Cruise, but I’m currently suffering from postpartum depression. No, I haven’t had a baby. At least not one of the human variety. But I have recently given birth to a new book, and that always throws me into a bit of a tailspin.

Normally, after delivering the latest manuscript to my publisher, I take the month of January off from my harried writing schedule. I still write, but at a leisurely pace and only if I feel like it. Then on February 1st, I hit the trail hard once again. I find this “time off” to be necessary and helpful to recharge my creativity.

This year it’s different.

Having recently completed and delivered Epitaph Envy to my publisher, I immediately jumped right to work on the first book in my new Granny Apples series, The Ghost of Granny Apples, which is due to my publisher by August 1st. I’ve also begun work on book 5 in the Odelia Grey series, Fifty Can Be Fatal. But while the spirit is willing, the body is weak.

I finally decided that I must take time off. I took a few days off from my day job recently, so why not a few days off from writing? Although this year it won’t be the entire month of January. So this week is my vacation from writing, though it will hardly be a week of lounging around and watching TV. After all, I still have my day job to go to. And there is all the correspondence to catch up on, and blogs to write, and sorting of receipts for taxes. But Granny and Odelia will have to wait a few days while I take a breather and catch up on my life.

Oh oh! I hear Granny Apples calling me; wooing me with her promise of fun and adventure.

I must purchase ear plugs. Is there such an item for the brain - brain plugs?!


Stacia said...

....and new contest questions to write. Although I MAY be persuaded to do that for you....

Keith Raffel said...

I've been using noise-cancelling headphones. You should try them!