Monday, January 28, 2008

The Best Laid Plans of Mice, Men and Obsessive Novelists

I had an interesting weekend. What's more, I had it all planned out.

Friday night I was going to relax and watch a movie. Saturday I was having breakfast with my friend Miles Holliman, then scoot over to the Cerritos Library for Mystery on the Menu. From there I would head home and write virtually non-stop on Fifty Can Be Fatal, the 5th Odelia Grey book. Sunday was to be devoted to writing all day on The Ghost of Granny Apples. Sounded like a good plan to me.

Okay. Friday night I made Five Can Soup, a new recipe given to me by Jennifer Gray (the attorney, not the actress) and watched Superman Returns. So far, so good.

Saturday, I had breakfast with Miles and spent the rest of the day with 14 other authors at the Cerritos Library. Right according to plan.

It was when I got home from Cerritos that my carefully planned weekend took a bizarre turn.

For some odd reason, my brain refused to work on Fifty Can Be Fatal. No problem. But then it also refused to tackle The Ghost of Granny Apples. Uh oh. Both of these books have deadlines in 2008. Both of them are under contract and MUST be completed on time. And, what's more, I am excited about writing both of these new books.

So what did my brain want to write Saturday night? No, not dirty limericks. Not overdue thank you cards. Or e-mails to my family and friends. For some odd reason, the part of my brain that governs my writing was determined to work on God's Apology, a non-mystery novel I started 13 years ago and have been editing and honing since. And my muse, the ghost of Selma Diamond, sided with my brain.

Finally, realizing I was powerless to fight such supernatural powers, I gave in and wrote 6 hours on Saturday night and 10 hours on Sunday (and that is no exaggeration!) on the final edits of God's Apology. I am just over halfway done.

In 30 minutes I have to leave for my day job. But I can already feel the tug of Selma drawing me back into God's Apology and know full well what I am going to be doing tonight after work. Something tells me, she's not going to let up until the damn book is done and in my agent's hands.

All I can say is, I'd better work fast. Granny and Odelia are not going to be patient forever. In fact, I overheard them this morning, plotting their revenge.


Anonymous said...

Barbara is going to join forces with Odelia and Granny. You're in big trouble!

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...


P.S. - Barbara is my editor at Midnight Ink.

Felicia Donovan said...

Sue Ann, I think I hear a whip snapping somewhere!

P.S. Barbara is my editor at Midnight Ink, too!