Monday, December 03, 2007

Odelia Grey is Up for Sale

It's official, the film/tv option on Too Big To Miss is back on the market.

After careful consideration, an extension, and the continuing writers' s strike, the option has officially lapsed and will not be renewed by the initial optionee.

I write this announcement with a mixture of sadness, disappointment and, surprisingly, even excitement.

Who knows who is out there thinking Odelia is just the gal for them? Who knows what other exciting adventures I'll have with someone new on the other side of a contract? Only time will tell.

There has been some interest here and there from other parties, so maybe one of them will be just the ticket for this new phase in the continuing Odelia Grey Goes To Hollywood adventure. My agent will be contacting them this week. Keep your fingers crossed.

TV options make great Christmas and Hanukkah gifts, don't they?

Buy one for your family's actor, producer or director today!


Loni Emmert said...

Sue Ann, don't be sad. I was depressed today, too, over unfulfilled writing desires. But chin up, you've come a long way already baby! A devoted Odelia fan, Loni Emmert

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Thanks, Loni! As I said, it's a mixed bag of disappointment and excitement.

And keep your chin up on your writing! One keystroke at a time...