Thursday, November 08, 2007

Support the Writers Strike!

I live just north of Sony Studios and just south of Fox Studios. Every day when I drive to work, I see the men and women walking the picket lines.

As I writer of novels, you'd think I would not be affected by the WGA strike. Not so. The TV option on my first book, Too Big To Miss, was up for renewal recently. The optioner is on the picket line. The irons he had in the fire for my book are all on hold. Considering the situtation, my agent and I have granted him an extension of time.

But the option aside, I believe in what these talented folks are fighting for and stand shoulder to shoulder with them in spirit.

There is an on-line petition which folks can sign to show their support of the striking writers. If you support the strike, please sign it.


Felicia Donovan said...

Just added my signature. Thanks for the link, Sue Ann. You're right, it does effect all writers in some way. Stay strong WGA members!

Felicia Donovan

Kathryn Lilley said...

Right on, Sue Ann! Really, what's at stake is writers' rights in a changing digital age. We're all writers. Today, it's the TV writers--tomorrow, it'll be us!

Keith Raffel said...

Here's a video explaining what the fight is about:

dianaojames said...

As a former actor, and still a member of SAG, I will be out on picket lines supporting writers just as they have done for Actors when we were forced to strike!

Write On!