Monday, November 12, 2007

Quickies Are Always Fun!

Even the traveling kind. This past weekend I spoke at a Legal Secretaries, Inc. conference in Grass Valley, CA, which is located about an hour north of Sacramento at the foot of the Sierras. Although the conference was held over the entire weekend, I flew up very early Saturday morning and returned home last night. I gotta tell ya, these ladies (and a few gents) know how to have fun! I know this not only from my weekend jaunt but from my 35 years of experience working in the law.

I was the Saturday evening banquet speaker and at the last minute threw away my more formal speech in favor of a wing-it free-style speech filled with humorous jokes and comments based upon my experiences not only as a paralegal but as a mystery writer. The audience must have enjoyed it because at the end of the evening we were pretty much wiped out of books.

Book sales were handled by The Book Seller (107 Mill St Grass Valley,CA. Phone: 530-272-2131), a lovely independent bookseller. Manager Karen and her assistant Sunny could not have been nicer or more fun. In fact, The Book Seller ran out of books near the end of the evening and Sunny ran back to the store in the rain (which, fortunately, was just 2 blocks away from the hotel) and cleaned out those they were reserving for the store.

Breakfast on Sunday morning was also a hoot. The speaker was Devere "Dee" Mautino, a gracious and feisty senior who is the former mayor of Grass Valley and long time member of LSI. Ms. Mautino, dressed to the nines, complete with matching hat, brought down the house with her wry humor and observations.

After breakfast, I climbed in a rental car with four fun ladies from San Diego and headed to the Sacramento airport by way of a sight-seeing trip to Nevada City.

Both Grass Valley and Nevada City were so lovely and fun that I can't wait to go back in the spring for a book signing at The Book Seller.

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JeanC said...

I used to live there. My dad was from Grass Valley and I spent a lot of time there growing up. When my dad was in Vietnam, we lived up on Banner Mountain. I so loved the area and the history is neat.

Now I am having a serious pasty craving LOL