Monday, November 05, 2007

Don't Tell Me It's Monday Already?

Friday night, a handsome, smart man took me to dinner. Did I also tell you that he was younger (much younger) than me? And married?

It was also NOT a date. Rats! Friday night I stopped by the Mystery Book Store and caught up with pals Simon Wood and Tim Maleeny. After, Tim bought me dinner at the Japanese restaurant across the street where we plotted the overthrow of publishing as we know it and planned our individual futures. Friday night I also met Mark Coggins, a delightful fellow author who is represented by Whitney Lee, who is also my agent.

Sunday, after the Sisters In Crime/Los Angeles meeting, I had dinner with Kate Thornton, who I've known for years. Kate is a kick-ass short story writer who is current trying to focus on writing a novel. From her description of it, it will also be kick-ass. She just has to keep her butt in the chair long enough to write it. Seems that after every chapter, she thinks she done. Silly short story writer!

Between my two lovely dinners, I put my own butt in the chair long enough to pump out three clean chapters in Epitaph Envy. No housework was done. No extra curricular activies such as shopping, movies, etc. Just me and the keyboard for hours and hours and hours. But in the end I was thrilled with my progress.

58 days to deadline - there is going to be a lot more butt in the chair time ahead for me.

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