Sunday, October 28, 2007

Welcome to the Cat House

No, not THAT kind of cat house. I run the kind of cat house that caters to felines. Specifically, two very spoiled, loved and pampered cats named B and Raffi.

I have two night lights. Not because I'm afraid of the dark, but because if I need to get up in the middle of the night, I don't want to break my neck on the dozens of cat toys littering the path from the bed to the bathroom. Even walking around my apartment in daylight is life-threatening. There are stuff animals, wands, toy cars, rubber duckies, and the ever-present balls that jingle. There is even an arched bristle-brush scratching thing-a-bob that Raffi likes to muscle around the floor until it is directly in my walking path.

I am convinced that cats aren't truly happy unless they are putting your life in danger.

This weekend I bought my babies a new toy, and it has turned out to be the BEST toy ever. 1) they BOTH love it; 2) they actually play with it together; 3) it doesn't need batteries; and 4) it is SILENT. #4 is the best part! Do they still move it around so it's in my way? Why, yes of course. After all, no toy is fun unless Mommy might step on it and break her neck.

Anyway, this absolutely genius toy is called Cat 'n Mouse and retails for $12.99. And, I'm not kidding... it's QUIET as a mouse. All weekend, one or the other was going nuts with it. Tonight they even shared it, batting the mouse back and forth between themselves while I wrote. At one point, I stopped pounding the keyboard to watch them and I couldn't help but wonder, did my Mom feel this warm and fuzzy when my brother and I played well together?

Yes, I know. I'm a middled-aged woman who lives alone, calls her cats her babies, and refers to herself as "Mommy." Cut me some slack. I'm a writer. I'm entitled to be a little nuts.

Other weekend news:

Attended the monthly Southern California Mystery Writers of America meeting today and heard Gayle Lynds discuss her fabulous career with Melodie Johnson Howe.

Received galleys for the soon to be released Thugs and Kisses. It looks incredible!!

Caught 3 episodes of HBO's Five Days, which I love, and the second installment of The Amazing Mrs. Prichard on Masterpiece Theatre, also enjoyable.

And... completed 2 -1/2 chapters of Epitaph Envy. Only 65 more days till deadline!!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. What am I doing watching TV and playing with the cats with only 65 days left?


JeanC said...

Oh yeah, kitties are good about trying to break your neck. Rum Tum loves to sleep on the floor next to the bed and I almost kill myself every morning trying not to step on him (and when I do he gets upset, you'd think he'd learn by now he is going to get stepped on).

I do rather prefer to step on their toys as Mouse once left me half a mouse she'd caught (which was only slightly better then the live mouse she dropped on my head after I went to bed :P ).

dianaojames said...

Sue - At least your kitties don't drag in some poor pathetic creative, batting it senselessly around the house until it can no longer move.

Yesterday, I came home to a huge, 3 inch long grasshopper that had faught a good fight and was laying dead on it's back right next to their food dish. That's where they put their "toys" when they're done playing.

I'll trade ya!

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Well, ladies, you've now proven the joys of having indoor-only cats. I never get left presents, dead or alive, that once had a pulse. Occassionally, I'll have a favorite fuzzy toy left at my feet, but that's about as exciting as it gets.