Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blogging -- A Not So Private Bitch Session

I am a big supporter of freedom of speech and I am a big fan of blogs. Yesterday, a blog was brought to my attention that drove me nuts and caused my blood to absolutely boil. It was written by someone in the publishing field and though it seemed aimed at one particular author (no, not me), it pretty much tore a new one into every author, especially new authors. Now I will always defend a person's right to express his or her opinion, but come on, folks, let's learn some boundaries!

This blogger made some very valid points about expectations and unreasonable behavior of new authors, yet it was couched in such a vulgar, infantile way it totally demeaned and diluted his position, to say nothing about pissing a lot of people off and hurting others.

About now, I'm sure you're all waiting for me to provide a link to this diatribe so you can see it for yourself. But I'm not going to. I refuse to give this obviously disturbed and angry individual any more of a platform than he has already received.

Blogging is a fun way to make a stand, distribute information and connect with people, but, like alcohol, it should be used responsibly. A blog may be an individual's personal soap box, but it is NOT private. It is in the public forum and the public eye.

This individual's public and irresponsible rant spilled out from his gut into the public arena, doing damage along the way beyond his limited expectations. I know that I, an author and another blogger, will never again give him or his words any value in the future. To quote a favorite phrase of a dear and now deceased friend of mine: He showed us his ass.

Or should that be: He showed us he is an ass?


JeanC said...

If this person works for a company, he may find himself out on his ass if his bosses come across this. Many companies are taking employees to task if their outside activities bring any kind of negative exposure to the company.

dianaojames said...

There are bound to be those who wish to copy the antics of the "shock jocks". However, this Publishing Industry Pro is shooting himself in the foot by pandering to the masses. It will only serve to gain him the disrespect of his Industry Peers.