Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Will the Potential Murderer Please Stand Up

I found this little gem on Christa Faust's blog this morning. It's a quiz to see if you could get away with murder: Would You Get Away With Murder? Potential psychopaths that we are, both Christa and I were given no jail time, which gave me hope as I pursue a career in plotting murder mysteries.

Speaking of plotting murder mysteries, went to see pal Tim Maleeny speak last night at the Rancho Park Library. I'm waiting rather impatiently for his 2nd book to come out - Beating the Babushka. I just loved his Stealing the Dragon.

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Keith Raffel said...

Tim Maleeny I are having a conversation at M is For Mystery in San Mateo, CA on October 4 at 7PM. Why don't you come on up, Sue Ann? Drinks and dinner on me.