Friday, September 07, 2007

Quick Report From the Road

My combo vacation/book tour/family wedding trip is half over and so far it has been a ton of fun! Here's the rundown:

September 1st - Landed in Hartford, Ct and had a yummy breakfast with Lucia Zimmitti, sister of Sal Zimmitti, one of the attorneys I work with back in LA. Lucia is also a writer. We spent four hours yakking up a storm about everything under the sun (yes, even you Sal). From there it was a 2 hr drive to Vermont, where I checked into the Henry Farm B&B, operated by the wonderful and warm Patricia and Paul Dexter. (Paul used to be an attorney in New York - I just can't get away from them!) Then off for a 2 hr drive to Manchester, NH for a discussion and signing at Barnes and Noble. Great signing and fellow Midnight Ink author Felicia Donovan took me to dinner after. Then it was a 2hr drive back to Vermont. Along the way I was stopped by 2 of New Hampshire's finest for speeding... and let go with a stern warning... thanks, guys! And then stopped by a routine sobriety checkpoint, also in NH. Here they waved me by after flashing a light through the window.

September 2nd - After 4 hours of writing and reading at one of the B&B's patio tables, I took a lovely drive up and down the roads of Vermont, including Manchester, VT. Then more writing and reading before bed.
September 3rd - Met my niece Lindsay at Mike' Maze for a day of research and fun. The corn maze was a hoot and owner Mike and maze designer Will couldn't have been more helpful with my questions. Look for a corn maze in my 5th Odelia Grey novel, Fifty Can Be Fatal. After a late lunch with Lindsay, I returned to VT for a much needed shower and more writing/reading.

September 4th - Writing/reading and a trip to West Lebanon, NH where I had a great last minute signing at the Borders, followed by dinner with my brother and his wife. I hadn't seen Thom in seven years and had never met his wife Cheryl, so it was a lovely and emotional time.

September 5th - Writing/reading and then most of the day spent traveling the highways and byways of VT. The state is so beautiful it makes you want to cry! My destination: Ben and Jerry's Factory! Yes, I made a pilgrimage to the the promised land! Then back on the road to visit the lovely towns of Coochie and Woodstock (both in VT). Back at the B&B, I was too tired to write and fell asleep with a book in my hand.

September 6th - Moved from the B&B to my family's home in Brookfield, MA. Had a fantastic signing at the Barnes and Noble in Millbury, MA and spent more time with my niece, who chummed along to watch her auntie work.

So far, that's it... gotta run and get dressed. Family stuff and another book signing today.


Keith Raffel said...

I guess this means you found your way out of the maze.

dianaojames said...

Keith, forget about the maze! I'm just glad Sue Ann made it out of Ben & Jerry's!!

Stacia said...

Ummm, the town is named "Quechee" not "Coochie." But I admire your creativity.

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Thanks for the correction, Stacia! My bad!

It was wonderful meeting you in Chester and thanks for coming to my book signing!