Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Dinner With Naomi

I had the best time last night. Naomi Hirahara and I chowed down at Versailles, the cuban restaurant (this was a rescheduled dinner from an earlier date).

There is nothing quite like two mystery authors getting together and yakking about books done, book in progress, books to come, book marketing, book sales, book promotion ... you get the picture.

Naomi is on fire right now with an Edgar win earlier this year for her novel Snakeskin Shamisen (and an Anthony nomination), a short story in the popular Los Angeles Noir anthology, and an online serial called The Nihongo Papers (a biotech paranormal thriller, which is fabulous). In addition, she has a middle school novel coming out next August entitled 1001 Cranes.

Naomi Hirahara is someone to watch!

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Kate Thornton said...

Again!!?? We have to get together - today's my last working day.