Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig

After ten days of travel, I arrived back in Los Angeles last night from New England to resume my regular life. It was a very fun and productive trip. I reported on the first half earlier, so before I dash off to my day job, here's a rundown of the second half of the trip, which centered around a family wedding:

September 7 - The women of the wedding party had a girls' day out with manicures, pedicures and lunch, followed by me heading to the Barnes and Noble in Bellingham, MA for a book signing. Pal and fellow author Lee Lofland showed up in Bellingham to show his support and we had a great time catching up.

September 8 - The morning was spent on wedding stuff and getting ready for the rehearsal dinner that night. That afternoon, I signed books at the Barnes and Noble in Worcester, MA. In Worcester, I met a lovely family -- Dr. and Mrs. Wiener and their son Dr. Craig Wiener. Craig Wiener, a psychologist who specializes in ADHD, recently had a book released and was in the store finalizing details on his upcoming signing. Craig and I had a lovely visit, talking about books, publishing, marketing and generally the book biz. I also enjoyed visiting with his mother Betty, who is an award-winning potter. You meet the nicest people at book signings!

After the signing, I scooted home to attend the rehearsal dinner, which was a very fun and casual affair at the home of the bride and groom, where I was staying. Over dinner conversation, which consisted of extremely funny and true stories of rural New England living, I picked up a lot of material for my 5th Odelia Grey novel. Wait until you see some of it in print!

September 9 - The wedding day! The wedding, which was held at the Sturbridge Publick House, was both lovely and enjoyable. The bride was my sister-in-law Marlaine, or technically my former sister-in-law since she and my brother divorced many many years ago. We have known each other since we were teens and have remained very close through the years. We are more like real sisters than relations-by-marriage. She married a wonderful guy named Bob, who is my new "brother-in-law." The wedding and rehearsal dinner gave me a great opportunity to spend time with Bob's delightful family, some of which I met for the first time.

Bob's family is from New York and our family from Massachusetts, so, naturally, during the reception part of the DJ's job was to give regular score updates on the Patriots/Jets game. After all, it WAS opening day! (Patriots won 38-14)

September 10 - Before leaving for the Hartford airport, I took my niece and two nephews out for breakfast. It was so nice spending my last few hours with them. They are all grown up now and doing their own thing, so it's rare for just the three of them and me to have time together. I find as I get older, it is increasingly difficult to leave the family and fly back to Los Angeles.

When I arrived in New England the trees were various shades of vibrant green. When I left ten days later, the green was awash with gold, orange and red. I had arrived in the summer and left in the fall.

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