Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Speaking of Pigs ...

Last night I was happier than a pig in a mud puddle. For 2 hours I wallowed in the great void known as TV. I love TV. I would watch TV 24/7 if I parked my sensibilities at the curb and took a taxi to the land of wasting time. Because of my hard core writing schedule, I limit myself to just a few hours a week. I choose my TV watching carefully and often schedule meals and household chores around specific shows so the time does double duty. I adore On Demand but have been a hold out on Tivo.

The third season of Weeds premiered last night causing the moon and stars to align in my little TV watching world. I've been waiting all summer for this quirky, hilarious show to return. And it did not disappoint. There was no way I was going to wait and watch it through On Demand. I wanted to be front and center on my sofa when year 3 was launched.

So what did I do with the remaining 90 minutes of my 2 hours of visual playtime? At 9 p.m. I caught the latest episode of Big Love on HBO, another fav, and after Weeds caught the Showtime series premiere of Californication, destined to be another personal favorite and a hit for Showtime. Hey, how can it miss? It's about a writer with writer's block.

Next scheduled TV playdate: Wednesday night, 10:00 p.m., Bravo, Top Chef.

Yes, I did write yesterday. I put in a full 2 hours, as always. Because no matter how much I love TV, I love my writing more.


Barbara said...

I love Weeds, too! We subscribed to Showtime pretty much for this show.

That 30 minutes of the season three opener went by so fast!


Kate Thornton said...

Okay - I got HBO instead of Showtime - but I can change!


Kathryn Lilley said...

Ooh, and I just discovered Flipping Out, on Bravo I think. It has a wonderful OCD house-flipper as a lead character, surrounded by a dysfunctional family of minions/employees--heaven!

Kate Thornton said...

Kathryn - I have been watching him, too! He is totally nutzoid - as is his whacked-out entourage.

I wonder what he's doing in *this* market?

Kathryn Lilley said...

They're the Los Angeles-style All-american family, lol!