Saturday, July 07, 2007

Who Gives a Rodent's Hiney?

Two of my favorite words are "rat's" and "ass," preferably used together. So just for the hell of it, I imaged Googled "rat's ass." (At this point I could lie and say it was for research, but the truth of it is, I was just wasting time. And, frankly, who gives a rat's ass? Outside of my publisher, agent, and manager, that is.) Anyway, much to my surprise, several images popped up, including the one to the left.

This, friends, is a Rat's Ass as interpreted by teddy bear designer Martha DeRaimo-Burch. What's more, Martha makes and sells these cute little patooties in three different forms: pins, paperweights and magnets. I'm gonna buy a few as soon as I figure out how many people are on my shopping list.

Martha, you are a true kindred spirit!


Martha said...

Glad that you like the Ratzass!! I too have a slightly odd sense of humor and the RA saying is one of my entire family's favorite. Needing Christmas gifts and having some extra mohair, well the RA's were a natural AND a hit with not only my family, but tons of others as well. The great thing is, they can be gifts even when you do give a ratzass.
Hugs, Martha

Kate Thornton said...

Please don't forget me at Christmas time, Sue Ann.