Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Pink What?

Two new restaurants opened up recently in Century City. One I am boycotting and the other I can’t wait to go to as soon as I get my next royalty check.

I was coming out of The Container Store awhile back and saw the sign: “Coming soon, The Pink Taco.” Immediately, I knew I would never step foot inside the establishment. Now, I’m no prude and people who know me will back that up, but I draw the line at things that are humiliating or hurtful to women, and I place a restaurant that is named after a slang word for the vagina in that category. (BTW, I don’t patronize Hooters, either.)

Twice now, colleagues from my office have invited me to go with them to The Pink Taco for lunch and twice I have turned them down accompanied, of course, with a verbal account of my boycott manifesto. In a nutshell, I have told them that when a restaurant opens up locally named Big Dick Beer ‘n Brauts or The Chocolate Cock, I will break down and go to The Pink Taco.

I read where Harry Morton, head of The Pink Taco, claims the name comes from a menu item. Yeah, right, Harry. You may have a menu item called pink taco, but I doubt you pulled the name for that out of your butt like magic. Bottom line, the corporate bigwigs thought the vulgar name would make it trendy, and they were right. It is a trendy place and I’m sure a lot of folks go there for the sheer titillation of saying the name, something they would never do in polite company otherwise. It’s a cheap thrill.

By the way, per my colleagues at the law firm: some say the food is good; some say it’s just so so; no one has said it’s great.

The other restaurant which opened just this past week at the new entertainment office complex on the corner of Constellation and Avenue of the Stars is a whole different ball game. It’s Top Chef’s Tom Collichio’s Craft. It’s on my must dine-at list. Classy Tom Collichio and his top-of-the-line restaurants don’t need cheap tricks to bring in diners. They do it the old-fashioned way with quality and elegance. I’m gonna pack my knives and make a reservation.


Stephen Blackmoore said...

"The Chocolate Cock"

Hmm. That could work.

Mark Terry said...

I've never heard of "pink taco" as pejorative for vagina. Although I'm not particularly naive or sheltered, my "street vernacular" is someone limited.

What I found interesting was that, not knowing, my initial guess was it was a gay bar. Go figure.

Kate Thornton said...

The name of the place just puts me off, too. I would be embarassed to go in. Hooters embarasses me too, but doesn't seem to have any appeal for me at all as I am not a sports bar fan and don't go for chicken wings.

Mark - gay bar! Very funny!

But Sue Ann I hope we can go to Craft sometime soon - it sounds classy and inviting, with good food and an elegant atmosphere.

Keith Raffel said...

If memory serves, there is a PT at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Stayed there once in the old days when I had a day job.

writtenwyrdd said...

I've been in a Hooters (not my pick) and won't go again because it is so derogatory toward women by its existence. Pink Taco, however, is just plain offensive.