Monday, May 14, 2007

My Bad!

I do research for my Odelia Grey mystery series. I really do. In fact, I enjoy looking up the odd and end information needed to give my books a sense of realism and accuracy. For Too Big To Miss I researched online web cams and the folks who operated them. For The Curse of the Holy Pail I investigated the world of lunchbox collecting. Currently, I'm reading a book on serial killers for background information for book 4, Epitaph Envy. It's all part of the writing process.

So imagine my surprise when I received an e-mail from a reader named Joyce who, after telling me how much she enjoyed The Curse of the Holy Pail, added a post script informing me that Dale Evans' horse was named Buttermilk not Buttercup, as indicated in the book.

Yikes... to my horror and embarrassment, Joyce was 100% correct. I was so sure that Buttercup was the correct name for the blasted horse, I never checked my reference to make sure I had it correct. A bad and lazy move for a writer.

Thanks, Joyce, for keeping this wayward writer in line.

Embarrassed Chimp photo by Tim Davis.


Keith Raffel said...

This is a serious but not mortal sin. Sing Happy Trails 15 times at the top of your lungs while standing on your chair at work and all will be forgiven.

Mark Combes said...

Or as penance you could wear for a week the blue fringed cowboy jacket Dale is wearing in the photo. Although you live in LA - you might start a fashion trend.

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Cute, you guys, very cute. :)

Although now I have "Happy Trails" going around and around in my head, which means I'm one step away from wearing that blue fringed jacket.