Tuesday, May 01, 2007


On the evening of April 10th, author Elaine Viets suffered a stroke. Elaine writes two wonderfully funny series, the Mystery Shopper series and the Dead-End Job series, she is also a delightful person and a huge part of the mystery community. After surgery, she began the long road to recovery and it is reported that her progress so far has been amazing.

If you would like to drop Elaine a card or word of encouragement, you can do it through two means: by e‑mail at 4elaineviets@gmail.com, or by snail mail to: Elaine Viets, c/o Sarah Strohmeyer, 45 State Street, Suite 210, Montpelier, Vermont 05602.

But wait, there’s more you can do.

Elaine’s latest novel, Murder With Reservations, is scheduled for release on May 1st -- TODAY! Obviously, Elaine will not be up to launching her latest book, so a movement has been started to launch Elaine’s book for her. For more details you can visit either Jan Burke’s blog or the Lipstick Chronicles. Spread the word for people to buy Elaine’s new book, Murder With Reservations, and visit the above links to find out even more ways to get the word out.

So let’s all get behind Elaine Viets and her book and ease her way down the road to a full recovery. Let’s murder Elaine with love and kindness.

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Kate Thornton said...

I hope Elaine is doing better. Thanks, Sue Ann, for posting this (and in the middle of TV options, a 3 book deal and Malice Domestic - girl, where do you get the time?????)