Friday, May 11, 2007

Diana and Sue Ann's Excellent Adventure

A week ago I was in Arlington, VA, attending Malice Domestic, a conference celebrating traditional mystery books. I was travelling with my friend and manager, Diana James. It was a load of fun and, as with all book conferences, it was a great opportunity to catch up with author friends from around the nation, including many of my fellow Midnight Ink authors. And, as with all conferences involving a great number of authors, the bar was a very active place, a virtual watering hole of who's who in the "cozy" and almost cozy mystery world.

This year the guest of honor was home girl Rochelle Krich. Rochelle's moving and eloquent speech at the Saturday night banquet brought tears to almost everyone's eyes. I hosted a table at the banquet and got to dine with many of my readers, as well as friend and author Rita Lakin.

Following Malice, Diana, Patricia Smiley and I headed to Annapolis, MD, where Patty and I signed at a Barnes and Noble store along with Marcia Talley (who coordinated the trip), Denise Swanson, Sharon Short and Kate Flora. From there it was on the Cantler's for great Maryland seafood.

The next day found us all in Oakmont, PA, and the Festival of Mystery sponsored by the Mystery Lovers Bookshop and warm and wonderful hosts Mary Alice and Richard Goldman. After a tea at the library we all headed to the local Greek church where about 500 mystery readers were waiting to meet us and buy books... LOTS OF BOOKS. I met and talked with so many people, my voice was hoarse the next day. One of the many highlights of the day was meeting Bob Burke from Twinsburg, OH. Bob is a big supporter of my Odelia Grey books and it was so much fun to meet him in person.

Other Highlights:

Finding out the morning I left for Malice that Midnight Ink was picking up books 4, 5 & 6 of my Odelia Grey series and had already schedule a publication date for a new series we are discussing.

Diana's hubby, Darrell James, calling and telling us Too Big To Miss had been named a semi-finalist for an IPPY award.

Diana calling out "Yo, Dude" to a guy in a parking lot to ask him where we could buy a bottle of wine at 10:00 pm on Sunday night in Annapolis, MD. And the realization that we were no longer in wicked and sinful Los Angeles.

Photos: Diana and me at Malice; Midnight Ink authors; banquet table; signing at Annapolis; Bob Burke at Festival of Mystery

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Mark Combes said...

Alright, looking at the photos there seems to be a high ratio of women to men at Malice. I think I might have to take up cozies....