Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Weekend Wrap-Up

Here it is Tuesday morning and I'm just now tying up my weekend. And it was a great weekend. I didn't get any writing done, but instead dedicated Saturday to doing long ignored special chores around the apartment. You know what I mean, things not in the regular routine but that need to be done eventually, like cleaning up the patio so I can use it now that the weather has turned so nice. I spent quite a bit of time at OSH getting some new plants and do-dads for the apartment and time implementing those do-dads around the place. I'm not particularly fond of where I live, but will stick it out since the rent is fairly reasonable, especially for LA. Visions of having my own condo sometime next year are dancing in my head, so why move and spend the extra money.

Sunday was a fun but tiring day since it was the monthly meeting of Sisters In Crime/Los Angeles, including the monthly board meeting. It started with brunch at Wild Thyme in South Pasadena with author and friend Keith Raffel and his offspring #1 (a charming Harvard-bound young woman), and pals Diana and Darrell James. Keith was the guest reader at the SinC/LA meeting that day and delighted and chilled us with readings from both Dot Dead and his newly completed novel Two Graves. The guest speaker at the meeting was Mark Hardiman, an attorney from the law firm where I work who specializes in fraud. Mark, a former Federal prosecutor, entertained nearly 50 SinC/LAers with his hilarious inside stories involving bank robbers, mail bombers and the like. Who knew I worked with such a funny guy?!

The evening rounded out with a 2-hr presentation of Amazing Race (I'm rooting for Oswald and Danny and the Beauty Queens), laundry, and the satisfaction of looking around my environment and being pleased.

Writing? Oh yes, Monday night was dedicated to writing, as will be most from here on out. After reviewing the comments from the Midnight Ink editorial committee, my agent and a focus group (yes, I use one for upcoming books), I'm working hard on the final edits for Mother Mayhem, the next Odelia Grey novel coming out in February.

Top - me with Keith Raffel and Jennifer Colt at SinC/LA meeting.
Bottom: Attorney Mark Hardiman

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