Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Procrastination is My Middle Name ...

And you always thought it was Ann.

A lot of writers talk about procrastination; how they are easily led astray from their writing by the Internet, TV, chores, etc. Well, this last week or two, I've been using my writing to put off doing my taxes. Yep, my taxes are due in less than a week and they are NOT done. They have been started, but they are NOT done. However, I'm more than half-way done with the final edits on my 3rd Odelia Grey novel, Mother Mayhem, which aren't even due to my publisher until June 1st. Nice to know taxes are good for something, but who knew they'd be good motivation for writing?

But never fear, just as I never miss a writing deadline, I have never missed a tax filing deadline. If I did miss the filing date, do you think the IRS would buy the excuse: Sorry, but I was busy punching up my dialogue and expanding the motive for murder? Sounds a little like my dog ate my homework, doesn't it?

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