Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Computers - The Happy Curse

My home computer is sick. It's currently under the care of a competent IT guy and recovery is expected. I have been computerless since last Thursday evening and write this blog from the computer at my day job.

Except for the fact that I'm just 50-60 pages from having the final edits done on Mother Mayhem, it hasn't been that bad being without one. I do have any trusty Alpha Smart to write with and have been producing some new material on it, but that can't help me when it comes to the final edits on Mother Mayhem. But since I'm a bit ahead of my deadline for MM, I'm not too worried.

I always knew I was pretty Internet dependent, but this fact has really been driven home the past few days when I found myself wanting to check bank balances, TV shows, book research or just shoot off an e-mail to someone. I go to my desk and all that's there are a screen, a keyboard and a bunch of wires where my CPU used to be. It's like visiting the backyard dog house after you've put down Rover.

With the absence of my computer, I've been spending more time on the phone, in front of the TV, reading, and doing miscellaneous chores. I try to imagine my life without the home computer and, frankly, just can't.

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that computers have changed our lives, both for the good and not so good. The same Internet that helps me and my colleagues research and write entertaining novels, aids the pedophile in finding his next victim. The same search engines that help people find answers to ailments and plan their next vacation, teaches kids to build bombs.

Well, I don't build bombs or prey on children, but I sure do miss my instant connection to the World Wide Web. Sniff...

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Kate Thornton said...

Sue Ann, I hope your computer gets well soon!

And I am antsy waiting for the new book to come out! Can't wait for that good read!