Thursday, March 29, 2007

Examining Goals

I do a lot of public speaking about setting and reaching goals, mostly as it pertains to writing and getting published, but often as it applies to pursuing personal dreams in general. One of the things I advise folks is to step back every now and then and examine your progress to make sure you are still on track and to make sure your goals haven't shifted to reveal new exciting paths.

Since this week is the end of the first quarter of 2007, I thought it a good time to examine the goals I set for myself earlier this year on this blog. Some of the goals are still in progress, some have been achieved, some are on hold.

*Complete God’s Apology, the non-mystery novel I’ve been working on for a few years and which is near completion. Deadline: March 31st. Didn't happen; new deadline June 1st.

*Complete first three chapters of 4th Odelia Grey mystery, Epitaph Envy. Deadline February 28th. Done and is being submitted to publisher as I write this.

*Complete Epitaph Envy. Deadline September 1st. In progress.

*Research on 5th Odelia Grey mystery. Start date: September 7th; end date: September 30th. Still in the plans; have started some of the ground work.

*Healthier lifestyle (eating better and getting more exercise). In progress. Have been walking a lot more and have lost 7 lbs. Would have been more but there was that unfortunate tangle with biscuits and gravy a few months ago that blew me off track for a while.

*Write at least one short story and submit it for publication. Deadline November 1st. In February I was invited to participate in a holiday anthology. My short story, entitled Ho Ho Homicide, is in progress. New Deadline: July 1st.

*Post one author interview a month on my blog. So far only one interview has been posted since January, but not for my lack of trying. Christa Faust and Chuck Zito are lined up but both have fallen into deadline hell. Stay tuned.

How are your 2007 goals progressing?

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Christa said...

It's coming, I swear!