Saturday, March 17, 2007

Dolce & Gabanna - What the HELL Were You Thinking??!!!

I'll admit it, the news makes me nuts. Very often, if not daily, it saddens me, angers me, and sometimes it even makes me cry. But reading about this latest Dolce & Gabbana ad really pissed me off.

Why? Because someone in the Dolce & Gabbana corporate structure or in the hierarchy of that clothing company's top-of-the-line marketing firm had to have known better. Dolce & Gabbana is not a stupid company run by stupid people. It is one of the world's top lines of designer clothing and respected in the fashion world. Yet STILL this ad was conceived, pitched, approved, and paid for, not to mention the irresponsibility of the editors at the newspapers and magazines who allowed it to be printed in their rags. But STILL it got out there. All those levels of educated, well-heeled, executives and decision makers, and this disgusting ad STILL made it to the streets and into the public view. Such irresponsibility boggles this writer's muddled mind.

What's your intended message here D&G?
Pay $2,000 for a dress and you, too, can be gang raped?
That any woman who dresses in high fashion deserves to be gang raped?
That gang rape is entertainment?

For years, the high fashion world has pounded into the minds of women around the world that they are worthless unless they are 6 feet tall and a size 0. Is their mission now to tell women that being the object of sexual violence is acceptable and even desirable?

I read where this ad was banned in Spain and Italy and eventually Dolce & Gabanna pulled it world-wide, but the damage was done. The damage was done the minute some big wig in an expensive suit in some board room looked at the marketing firm's concept and said: I like it! Let's run it!

I wish I could boycott Dolce & Gabanna, but alas, I can't afford their clothing or accessories, so a boycott would be pointless.

Baby, it looks like we haven't come such a long way, after all. Sigh.


JeanC said...

the problem is no one was thinking when they came up with this particular ad, everyone apparently suffered from brain damage the minute the idea was expressed.

I wish I could boycott them also, but they are also outside my price range.

Diana said...

Wow - STUPIDITY is alive and well (actually Jay Leno proved it much earlier oin his Jay Walking skits).
Some of us may not be able to afford D&G, but we can share our voices with all, to include those who CAN afford designer-wear.