Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Will the Real Michael Steele Please Stand Up

As anyone who reads my Odelia Grey mystery series knows, Odelia is a paralegal working under the supervision of Michael Steele, an obnoxious, womanizing, self-centered, but brilliant attorney.

And, as most of my friends know, I love the HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher. So imagine my surprise when I plunked myself down on the sofa tonight to catch a rerun of the first show of Maher's new season only to find out that one of his guests is ... drum roll, if you please ... Michael Steele!

No, really! And he's also a lawyer!

The REAL Michael Steele appeared distinguished, articulate, stable and intelligent, without even a hint of the cockiness and sarcasm of his fictitious counterpart. The former Lt. Governor of Maryland, the REAL Michael Steele is now the director of GOPAC, a national organization dedicated exclusively to electing Republicans to state and local offices.

Okay, so no one is perfect.


Kate Thornton said...

LOL! Great post, Sue Ann - how often I have written about a real S.O.B. only to meet a nice person of the same name later.

And it's true - nobody's perfect in real life!

So great to see you at the Palms-Rancho "How to be a Mystery Writer" event last Tuesday evening. I love to look out at the sea of smiling, expectant faces and see someone I know! Thanks for coming.

Anonymous said...

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