Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time

This morning when I got to the law firm where I’m employed as a paralegal there were 25 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies waiting for me. Count ‘em … 25. And 22 boxes of them were Thin Mints. No, the cookie monster did not have a nervous breakdown in my office. But I’m sure my order made Natalie, the daughter of one of the attorneys, very happy.

Thin Mint cookies are featured in all of my Odelia Grey novels. She’s addicted to them, keeps a stash in her freezer at home, and a box in her bottom desk drawer. So every year at Girl Scout Cookie time I buy boxes and boxes of the things to use in the promotion of my books. Sometimes they are given away in contests; sometimes they are included with a book or two as part of a charity item. But mostly I pass them out at my signings, and readers love them, especially late in the year when I seem to be the only one on the planet who has them.

Are Thin Mints my favorites? Here’s where Odelia and I part ways. I prefer Trefoils and Do-Si-Dos. Although, like Odelia, when I do eat Thin Mints I prefer them frozen. A friend once recommended spreading peanut butter on frozen Thin Mints. I tried it. You might want to try it also, but be warned, it’s yummy and addictive.


JeanC said...

Peanut butter on Thin Mints?!?!?!?! OOOOOOOOO I'm going to have to try that, sounds yummy.

After Thin Mints (frozen of course, that so intensifies the mintiness of the cookies) is Samoas, also frozen.

I didn't order any cookies this year, the budget said no, but I'm hoping to empty the piggy bank and get a box or two from the girls outside Safeway

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Empty the piggy bank? More like take out a mortgage on your house. Girl Scout Cookies are $4.00 a box, bringing my cookie bill to $100, but of course that's billed to my book promotional budget.