Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Home Sweet Home

No matter where I travel to, it's always good to return home. Arrived back late last night and spent almost two hours digging through piled up e-mails and assuring the cats I was home to stay... at least for a month. This was the first trip I've taken in years where I didn't check my e-mail once! It was quite liberating. The AlphaSmart performed like a champ and I got lots of writing done. Will report more on my journey south tomorrow.

Meanwhile, back at the law firm ... it's cloudy and chilly here in LA with a smattering of rain, but we were rewarded with not one but two rainbows this afternoon. The photo above was taken with my cell phone from my very own office window.


JeanC said...

And no matter how short or long the trip is, it is always nice to be home :D I feel that way after a day of shopping down in Lewiston and it is only 35 miles away hehehehehehe

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

You are right, Jean. Even after a day out running errands the old homestead looks good. :)

Home is where the kitties are.