Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Atlanta or Bust!

Okay, NOW my bag is packed and NOW I’m ready to go. My friend Patti has been enlisted to care for B and Raffi and my office at the law firm is pretty well organized. You'd think I was leaving for a month.

In about 1 hour I’ll head to LAX to board a red-eye flight bound non-stop to Atlanta. Gosh I hope it’s not a full flight! My plan is to take Airborne and Tylenol PM and crash for the whole flight and land in the morning in only a partial daze. In my tote bag, along with my new handy-dandy AlphaSmart, is Stealing the Dragon by Tim Maleeny. Can’t wait to dig into it.

Everyone have fun. Read, read, read! I’ll report from the road if I can.


Julia Buckley said...

Hope the tour's going well, Sue Ann, and that you'll give me some promotional pointers.

Julia Buckley said...

Hey, Sue Ann! I finally got you linked up.

Hope the tour's going well, and that you'll have some promotional pointers for me. :)

Kate Thornton said...

I'll miss you, Sue Ann - have a wonderful time!

Atlanta is a beautiful city - there's so much to see & do, but it sounds like you'll be pretty much booked up.

We expect a full trip report on your return - take care of yourself and be safe.