Sunday, January 14, 2007

Words Worth Repeating

I am an actor on paper, a prism through which the light may be bent.
- Kate Thornton

Kate Thornton is my friend and a fellow writer. She writes a great blog entitled It Doesn't Take a Genius. The past couple of her blog entries have been about writing with an emphasis on characters. Both are well worth a read, especially the blog entry entitled Are You A Monster? about whether or not writing about monsters, such as serial killers and sociopaths, is harmful to the writer.


Diana James said...

Sue Ann - thanks for sharing a bit of Kate Thornton's blog. She has such a sharp wit and there's more than a bit of a poet in her!

You've reminded that I haven't checked out her blog in a couple of weeks... think I'll drop in on Kate....

Anonymous said...

Nice of you to highlight Kate Thornton's blog.

Kate Thornton said...

Gosh, Sue Ann, thanks!!

I have been sick for several weeks, and the blog has been my window out to the world.