Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What I've Been Reading

With my own latest manuscript safely in the hands of my publisher, I sat down last night and finished Hoodtown, a novel by Christa Faust, who Quentin Tarantino calls "a Veronica in a world of Betties." That statement alone should catch a reader's attention. I know Christa, having met her and talked to her both in person and online several times, and she is as fascinating a person as her books are gripping (and her tatoos are stunning). Check out her blog sometime, it's as fun and entertaining as her books.

So here is my personal opinion of Hoodtown:

I loved this book – every dark, well-turned, beautifully plotted word. Although its byline is “a Lucha-Noir Novel” you don’t have to be a fan of Latin American pro wrestling to enjoy this pulp wonder. Hoodtown is a ghetto where “Hoods” (a society where everyone from birth to death wear the lucha libre hoods as their identity) try to live their everyday lives among gangsters, drugs, and crime, just minutes from Angel City where “Skins” live a life of order and plenty. The heart of this book is “X” a retired, 40ish, luchadora (lady wrestler) who is thrown into the investigation of the murders of Hoodtown prostitutes. The women are not only brutalized but their mascaras (masks) are stolen, a crime as heinous as the murders themselves. Although this novel is allegorical, the character of X is beautifully realistic from her frustration that her life isn’t how she planned it, to her inability to commit to the passionate trumpet player who adores her. This book is dark, sensuous, and wicked at every turn, and I take my hood off to Christa Faust who is in a league all her own.

Christa's next book is Money Shot, which is scheduled for release by Hard Case Crime in February 2008, the same time as my 3rd book, Mother Mayhem. She and I will definitely have to have a dual celebration.


Christa Faust said...

Thanks for the plug! I'm really glad you enjoyed the book.

- Christa

Anonymous said...

You might want to let your pal Christa know that I clicked on a link to see one of her short stories but it was not to be found.

Good luck to both of you.

Christa Faust said...

What was the link? It might have been my story "Butterface" on the now deceased Flashing in the Gutters. Tribe was forced to take that site down because of a flame war.

Never mind the fickle internet, anyway. You want to read my work, real paper is your best bet!

Kate Thornton said...

Sue Ann - I've been a Christa Faust fan for a long time! I got up the courage last time I saw her to tell her how much I liked her hair (for crying out loud - what the hell's wrong with me - I see a writer whose work I love and I comment on her hair???? Which is strikingly nice, by the way)

And I miss Flashing in the Gutters, too - had several of my favorite stories up there myself. It was a pleasure to be in such company.

Sue Ann, I cannot wait for the next Odelia Grey!