Thursday, January 18, 2007

Setting Goals

Every year I like to set goals for myself, especially in my writing. Not huge, pie-in-the-sky types of things, but manageable goals with concrete and attainable ends. These aren’t resolutions, which for most of us are made on January 1st and broken by January 6th, but actual goals with deadlines, which can be measured and met within the year. Last year I was negligent in focusing on my goals and consequently it led to chaos the last part of the year. Fortunately, everything turned out fine, but this year, I want a better handle on things.

This year my personal goals are:

*Complete God’s Apology, the non-mystery novel I’ve been working on for a few years and which is near completion. Deadline: March 31st.

*Complete first three chapters of 4th Odelia Grey mystery, Epitaph Envy. Deadline February 28th.

*Complete Epitaph Envy. Deadline September 1st.

*Research on 5th Odelia Grey mystery. Start date: September 7th; end date: September 30th.

*Healthier lifestyle (eating better and getting more exercise). I do have a weight loss goal for the year but will not share that here because my focus is not on weight loss but better health as middle-age assaults me. My family and I are doing this together, so there is accountability.

*Write at least one short story and submit it for publication. I have written short stories and have one that is published, but this is a craft that I generally neglect. Deadline November 1st.

*Post one author interview a month on my blog. Every now and then the author featured will be one published by Midnight Ink, my publisher. I will call this feature The Midnight Ink Express. The first Midnight Ink Express passenger will be Keith Raffel. February’s guest will be Christa Faust, a non-Midnight Ink author. Deadline: Post Keith's interview by January 21st.

In between all this there are deadlines and goals for my writing that are discussed and set between me and my manager regarding publicity and marketing of my work, as well as those set by my employment as a paralegal.

This is going to be a busy year. I’d better get hopping!

What are your goals for 2007?


Darrell James said...

Sue Ann- Fantastic goals. I know you will achieve all of these. Hey, it's in the plan. And you're the dynamo behind it.

Since you ask, I too have writing goals for 2007:
* Find an agent and sell The Evangelist, A Del Shannon novel.
* Submit four short stories to anthologies. (Two are already on their way, one has been accepted).
*Complete the second Del Shannon novel, Indigo Child (first 50 complete).

What fun! Shall we start a checklist?


Christa Faust said...

"I do have a weight loss goal for the year."

To quote the great man, Sir Mixalot:

"You can do side bends or sit ups, but please don't lose that butt!"

Seriously though, I think that's fantastic. Getting active, strong and healthy isn't about getting skinny.

My goal for the year is a one-two punch: to do a really bang up job of pimping MONEY SHOT and to have something really crackerjack to follow it up.

Marilyn Tarvin said...

Sue Ann - Great goals. Doable, though challenging.

My goals for 2007:
*Take myself more seriously as a "real" writer.
*Find an agent.
*Finish my story, TO GROPE THE POPE, and have it published.
*Before publishing TO GROPE THE POPE, check to make sure I will not alienate ALL my friends.
*Have my poetry collection, I PREVAIL, published.
*Sell THIS FLAG DON'T FOLD to TV stations as a public service announcement, with video background.
*Resolve my compulsive eating behavior enough to be able to begin seeing my dietitian again some time this year.

That should keep me off the streets!