Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Happy Habit

Bad habits always seem much easier to establish than good ones, and much harder to break. Why is that?

Reading is a good habit. I have a habit of reading for a few minutes before bed and a habit of carrying around a book with me everywhere I go. I have a habit of reading two books at once. I have a habit of telling people about the books I read. Like the habit of having coffee every morning, I get cranky if I don’t get my reading fix. It’s not only important to my career as a writer, but to my development as a human being. And it makes me happy.

There’s now a new web site for people like me … and you if you suffer the same affliction. It’s called The Habitual Reader. The Habitual Reader is a web site geared for both readers and authors. There you can see what other folks are reading, have read, would never read again, would read over and over. Readers post reviews of their reads (a review of my novel Too Big To Miss recently appeared there).

For authors, the site offers an opportunity to post information, including the cover of your book and description, and it’s available to all genres of fiction.

Check out The Habitual Reader and make it a happy habit.

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