Monday, January 22, 2007

Good Bye to One Great Broad

This morning via my cell phone I received the sad but not shocking news that Barbara Seranella had died. It was not unexpected. Barbara had suffered a long time from liver disease and had already received two transplants. But even knowing that one day soon the call would come, it did not diminish one whit the grief of losing a colleague, a friend, and a favorite author.

Barbara was the mega-watt talent behind the Munch Mancini mystery series and many short stories and she had won awards and received praise for both. Last year she received the 2006 Anthony for best short story (“Misdirection”), and most recently was honored by the Southern California Chapter of Mystery Writers of America by being named the first recipient of the Dennis Lynds Award for Social Consciousness in Crime Fiction.

But the thing I will remember most (and miss most) about Barbara is not her writing, but who she was as a person. Simply put, Barbara Seranella was an original. Funny, forthright, giving, gusty, warm, earthy … yes, even ballsy … were all words used to describe Barbara at one time or another, and all fit her perfectly.

Here’s to you, Barbara. You always were and always will be one great broad!


Marilyn Tarvin said...

Sue Ann - Barbara must have been an exceptional person. I am genuinely sorry the world has lost her voice.


Diana said...

AMEN! Barabara would be very pleased to know we remember her as "ballsy, gutsy broad". Nice sentiment, Sue.
She will be missed!