Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Barbara Moore, my editor at Midnight Ink, telling me how much their editorial committee loved Mother Mayhem. Of course, she also provided me with a list of items they would like me to consider changing, revising, and/or rethinking, but overall I agreed with most of their suggestions. There is nothing like a good editorial committee to elevate your writing to a higher level. These are the folks who push me to raise the bar. More good news is that they don’t need the revisions until June 1st. Whew! Piece ‘o cake. (Note to self: must add June 1st to my list of goals!)

Received my new AlphaSmart. They had to send me a new one because a couple of the keys on the one they originally sent were broken. I must say the customer service at AlphaSmart is very good. Started playing around with the Neo and so far love it. In fact, I started tapping in the first chapter of the 4th Odelia book, Epitaph Envy, to check it out. The keyboard is very comfortable and the display, which I have set for 4 lines of text, is easy for me to read. I still have to learn about all the features. The real test for it will be my upcoming trip to Atlanta and Birmingham.

Updated my website, including my calendar page. Lot of events coming up in the first half of 2007. Have also been putting in a lot of long hours at the good 'ole day job this month.

I’m almost through my month of vacation from writing. Not that I haven’t written anything since the beginning of January. I’ve blogged, tested the AlphaSmart, written articles for discussion groups, jotted down notes for new books, etc. It has felt good to give my creative side a bit of a breather, but I’m starting to bite at the bit to immerse myself back into a novel. I miss it. There are still a few things I need to catch up on in my life in the next few days before I hit the keyboard running again, but on February 1st it’s back to my usual writing schedule.

Besides, once a gal has organized her sock and underwear drawers and watched Deal or No Deal three or four times, what's left to do?

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