Friday, December 15, 2006

Oooooooooo Santa, Baby

I dislike working on laptops. The keyboard is too cramped for my traditionally trained typing skills and they are a pain to lug on trips with airport security the way it is today. So when my old laptop showed signs of keeling over, I decided to replace it with an AlphaSmart. The plan was to purchase the AlphaSmart Neo right after the first of the year and put it to good use while on the road promoting book #2, The Curse of the Holy Pail.

Ten days ago over dinner with my gentleman friend:

Him: For your birthday and Christmas present (they are 4 days apart) you have a choice between jewelry or an AlphaSmart. Which would you prefer?

Me: I'd like them both.

Him (laughing): You can't have both. Make a decision.

Me: The girl in me wants the jewelry; the writer in me wants the AlphaSmart.

Him: You have until the end of dinner tonight to decide. (He was leaving town for the holidays and wanted to get his shopping done.)

Me: Hmmmm (while twitching my nose).

After dinner …

Him: Have you made up your mind about your gift?

Me: Yes, I'd like the AlphaSmart.

Him: Any particular reason why you chose that?

Me: If I have an AlphaSmart I can write faster, probably sell more books, then buy my own jewelry.

Him (laughing very hard): You are never dull.

I just received word from AlphaSmart that my new Neo is shipping Monday.

Thank you Santa, Baby.


Anonymous said...


And you made the right choice!

Kat said...

I'm curious why you chose Neo over Dana? I'm having a choosing dilemma! With my Christmas bonus, I'd like to get one -- but I'm having trouble deciding.
By the way, I just finished "Too Big To Miss" and really enjoyed it. Can't wait to read the next one!
I also enjoyed your little story about the elevator on the amazon site -- what an idiot! I might have been tempted to hunt him down if I were you -- and have a little chat about manners -- that or dump my coffee on the rat. I also enjoyed the one about the sales clerk in the shoe store. I'm enjoying your blog too -- glad I found you! Have a great 2007! :))

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Thanks for your lovely comments, Kat! And Happy New Year to you also!

I chose the Neo over the Dana for the simple reason that all I wanted and needed was a simple device to aid me in my writing. Something lightweight and portable without all the bells and whistles of a laptop and the internet. I have enough distractions when I’m plugged into my desktop. What can I say, I’m as easily distracted as a five year old.

The Neo did arrive, but two of the keys were broken. I called up AlphaSmart and after determining that the keys were broken and not merely popped off, they shipped me another unit with no hassles and gave me a free shipping label to return the first one. I should have the new Neo Tuesday. So my first impression was of their customer service and it was very positive.

Whichever unit you choose, I think you will be happy with it and the company.