Saturday, December 02, 2006

Meows and Muses

Word of advice – never try to write in the presence of a sleeping cat. Your might as well be trying to write under the influence of a half bottle of Tylenol PM. Make that two cats and you have a recipe for creative disaster. So goes my writing life this weekend. Since nine this morning I have been struggling with one chapter in Mother Mayhem. I know what happens in the chapter and to whom and it’s a pivotal chapter leading up to the climax of the book, but I just can’t seem to get it from my brain to the computer. Instead, I want to nap the day away just like my two feline companions. And I think Selma, my muse, feels the same because she’s seems a bit logy today herself.

My cats are jealous of my writing, or the time I spend writing. They show it in subtle ways like B, my big fluffy diva, stretching out in the space between the keyboard and the monitor and draping her tail across the keyboard while I work; or Raffi scratching the hell out of the back of my desk chair while I sit in it. Generally, Raffi insists on sleeping in another desk chair pulled up next to mine, but he was banished from that this week when he bit my left elbow while I typed ... for the second time.

Right now they are both out cold. Raffi is on HIS cushion in front of the patio door and B is on HER cushion on the floor near my desk. And me? Me, I’m fighting the urge to follow their example by curling up on MY bed for an hour or two. Something tells me my muse would vote for that as well.

30 days and counting – YIKES!


Keith Raffel said...

A grande latte, Jolt cola, No-doz, you need that wonderful energizing drug -- caffeine!

Kate Thornton said...

There's nothing like a sleeping kitty to put you to sleep! Get a full 8 hours, Sue Ann, and start again!