Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's Finished!

Sound the trumpets … Mother Mayhem is done! Well, almost. I will let it rest for a day or so before attacking it once more for final editing and proofreading. But January 2, 2007, it will be in the hands of Barbara Moore, my editor at Midnight Ink. Yea!

And it was completed just in the nick of time for more than the obvious reason of my publisher’s deadline. At my day job, we were recently hit with a major year-end acquisition which may require some overtime on my part, still hard to say. It’s difficult enough to write when working a full-time job, even more so when that job is requiring some extra effort. Funny how things work out.

Tonight there’s a dual celebration, a combo birthday/book done dinner with friends, though I’m much more excited about the book being done than turning another year older.

Great job, Selma!

13 days and breathing a little easier!


Christa Faust said...

Atta girl! Congrats and all that. Oh and happy Bidet too.

- Christa

Keith Raffel said...

Congrats! And Merry Christmas, to you!