Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Family - The Tie That Binds

The holidays are a time for getting together with family, but if you don’t have family living close to you, as I don’t, you rely on e-mails and the phone to keep in contact. Sunday I spent close to an hour talking to my brother, Thom, who lives in Vermont with his new wife Cheryl. Thom and I haven’t always been good about keeping in touch over the years and most of our communication has been via sporadic e-mails, so it was great to spend time chatting about our lives and catching up.

Thom is also a talented woodcarver and sent me a wonderful woodcarving for Christmas. I have another of his carvings that he did for me years ago of St. Francis of Assisi. I’m trying to find the best place possible for it and may take it to work since I seem to spend more time there these days. I’m thinking it would be lovely to study the smooth texture and fine lines of the carving while surrounded by mounds of files and papers.

Like a good brother, Thom reports to me that every time he goes into his local bookstore he makes sure they have my books. He has always been a big supporter of my writing and has personally turned several people on to the Odelia Grey series. He tells me he also reads my blog. Gotta love a bro like that!

So whether you have family close or far away, the holidays are about family and knowing that even when you don’t hear from them or see them for a long time, you are still connected and remembered and loved.

Thom, let’s not wait so long next time.

Love, Sis

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