Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Yes, Virginia, I am a Paralegal

My friend Patti Newler took this photo of me yesterday at the office – you know, that perfectly good law firm where perfectly good people pay me to be a paralegal.

Seeing this photo got me to remembering a true story I often tell about the first time I was ever interviewed when Too Big to Miss first came out in its original self-published mode. It was for a piece in a small newspaper by a very young journalist and the interview was held face-to-face (this is an important fact).

Journalist: So, whatever inspired you to write about a middle-aged, overweight paralegal?

Me (to myself): That's odd, I didn't think this interview was with someone from the Braille Institute.

Me (to journalist after a slight hesitation): I get my inspiration for my mystery novels from my day-to-day life as a young, thin, tall, blond, who works as an extra on Baywatch.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PATTI! (Patti is a kindred spirt -- a writer being paid by the perfectly nice people in the perfectly nice law firm to be a legal secretary.)

47 days and counting - New rules have not kicked in, but Selma is working overtime.

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