Thursday, November 16, 2006

Shame on You Harper Collins/Regan Books

O. J. Simpson was acquitted of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. That’s a fact and a fact that cannot be disputed no matter if you believe Simpson to have killed these people (as I do) or you do not. The legal system gave us its decision and we must live with it and move on.

But, no matter what your belief regarding Simpson’s involvement in the murders, the bottom line is that a book by Simpson supposedly entitled “If I Did It” is blatantly arrogant on Simpson’s part and unconscionable on the part of Harper Collins/Regan Books.

It's as if they're flipping us the bird.

What's next?

I didn't rape that girl, but if I did ...

I didn't rob that bank, but if I did ...

I didn't beat my wife , but if I did ... (ooops, sorry, I guess that will be covered in Simpson's book).

And don’t get me started on Fox for the upcoming interview with Simpson to be aired during sweeps week … let me just say, I stopped watching Fox a LONG LONG TIME AGO.

In a partial reprise of an earlier blog: JUST SAY NO!



Books and TV shows of this kind are fueled by greed. As individuals, the only weapon we have to fight these sordid assaults on our sensibilities is the closing of our wallets.

According to reports, Harper Collins/Regan Books paid Simpson a crap load of money for this book. This blogger and writer hopes with all her heart that the publishers get stuck eating that big fat advance


Diana James said...

I'm with you, JUST SAY NO!
Post you response in as many places as you can. As I site here watching Bill O'reilly, he asks that you go to his site and answer his poll. "Will you watch the upcoming OJ special on television?"
Click on the link:

Kate Thornton said...

No. NO!


Let's be clear: this is so wrong. The greed and moral turpitude that fuels this type of disgusting display is nauseating. Just the idea of a book like this and a television special makes my skin crawl.