Friday, November 03, 2006

Selma Wins By A TKO

Apparantly Selma the muse was jealous about the time I spent cleaning today instead of writing. After cleaning for almost a solid hour, all the while with Selma whispering plot lines in my ears, I finally gave up, sat down at the computer and wrote. After an hour of good solid work I intended to give housework another go. Fair is fair.

And this is a true story...

While I was on my next installment of housework, I hear a frantic knock at my door. It's our maintenance man. He was working on the plumbing of the apartment directly below mine and every time I ran my water it came out into the lower apartment. No one told me, he said, because they thought I'd be at work (day job).

So back to writing I went.

I swear I could hear Selma cackling in the background.

1 comment:

Diana J said...

Only Sue Ann Jaffarian could have such "amusing muses".

The clock is really ticking, and that Selma is one tough cookie. I worry that she'll stop whispering in your ear just long enough to give you a kick in the pants! LOL!

You can do it!!!!