Thursday, November 09, 2006

Christmas In June?

In spite of the higher than usual temperatures happening here in Los Angeles, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Meaning, both my snail mailbox and my e-mail box are filling up with invitations for parties. There are parties given by every writing association I belong to, by bookstores, by friends and, of course, the year-end blow out by my employer. Except for my birthday and Christmas, my December calendar was almost blank two weeks ago, not so now.

There are no small date books in my tote bag, or Day Timer portfolios being lugged about. Nor have I yet succumbed to the use of an electronic date keeper. I keep a huge “Year-At-A-Glance” calendar on the wall next to my computer with an erasable surface. It’s the only way I can make sure of juggling my time between my day job, writing events, appointments, and dates involving family and friends. Good thing I don’t have children, or else I’d need another pack of color markers just for soccer games and piano lessons.

As everyone who reads this blog knows, I am madly dashing to meet a deadline for my 3rd Odelia Grey novel. The deadline is January 1, 2007. Between now and then is a whole slew of events that I want to attend; a virtual minefield of frivolity and friendship to celebrate the holidays and the end of the year. As I write the latest party date on the calendar, I think: Why can’t some of these fun things be moved to mid-January or even to February? Why is year-end always a rush of frenetic activity that leaves us exhausted and dazed? Can’t I bank some of these events to use later?

Christmas in June … it has a certain ring to it, don’t ya think?

53 and counting.

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Keith Raffel said...

I doubt too many people will be working on Sunday, January 1st. You probably have a whole extra day.