Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thank You

Thank you all for posting comments about my Just Say No posting. I have been reading them all (yes, even the ugly and vile ones). It's great to see so many young people taking advantage of their First Amendment rights.

Unfortunately, I am moderating the comments now. It goes against my grain but I felt I had to when so many postings were starting to rip to shreds the people who agree with me. They have a right to their opinion also. This is my blog, no need for the disgruntled to attack anyone else; although it does support the comments in my initial blog about ignorance. I am also rejecting any duplicate postings, postings that repeat phrases ad nauseum, or any posting in which the vocabulary is limited to words such as cunt, etc.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Sue. :) They'll get tired eventually. Or bored.

Plunk said...

You're one to talk about "first amendment rights" when you want to censor a comedy program because you don't like its particular brand of humor. News flash, it's comedy, it's supposed to offend someone. Today, you're offended. Sucks to be you. If it hurts so much perhaps you should stop stuffing your face.

I also noticed you're moderating more of the well thought out posts rather than the "vile" ones as you put it. First amendment? You self-righteous bag of garbage, I hope you fall face first into your bucket of chicken wings while clutching your chest.

JeanC said...

"Fat jokes are the last refuge of incompetent comedians" - author unknown

Anonymous said...

Sue Ann, it's interesting how many of the truly uniformed and ill-educated respond to this type of so-called "comedy" - and their mindless vituperative comments are indicative of their lack of even the most fundamental social skills, maybe of even of basic mental abilities.

I'd guess we are dealing with a demographic of 18-25 year old boys with stunted social abilities whose attachment to this - or any - offensive program is based on their unmet needs to fit in somewhere. I'm picturing those homely, inadequate boys with a piercing or some facial fuzz, slovenly habits and no girlfreinds who are uneasy around women.

Dianne said...

Sue Ann - In response to "Plunk", I did not notice anywhere in your email that you attempted to Censor any sort of comedy program! In fact, having read both of your books, your work speaks out against censorship and against hatred of any one group.
I'm so sorry to see that you did not attract enlightened comments from both sides, instead receiving humdreds of comments all from one or two moronic 12 year olds spewing hatred and vile words to make themselves feel BIG AND BAD!
Keep up the great work, because we will continue to come to your events and booksignings by the hundreds.

Daniel Kuhn said...

Sue Ann,

Excuse my less-subtle posting friends. Here's the deal: Contrary to what your friend up there said, the Pests will not get "tired" or "bored" until they have an apology from you, to O&A, or a please for mercy, or some other satisfaction. Better to swallow (pun intended) your pride and ask for mercy than to have your (online) life on hold.

Since so many of your friends seem confused about who these people are, I will hold myself out as an example:
-late 20's
-full-time law student
-community member
et cetera.
We are not stupid or ill-educated. We just don't take kindly to people on a blog thinking they can just say anything about a program we love and get away with it.

That being said, here's our basic position:
1) It's COMEDY. Laughing at fat people does not make them less human, it makes them MORE human. We have all been laughed at because of who we are at some point.
2) Being obese is NOT healthy. I don't think I need to link you to the myriad of studies that confirm this.
3) Being obese is caused by a lack of willpower leading to poor diet and little exercise. To put it simply, if you burn more calories than you eat, it is physically and biologically IMPOSSIBLE to get fatter.
4) The fatty pig fatty women are not being humiliated to any degree they did not sign up for - they VOLUNTEER for the job.
5) O&A take advantage of free speech. Their right to make fun of fat people is constitutionally protected. This notion that someone should refrain from saying something offensive is not what this country is about. Degrading and offensive speech is EXACTLY the speech the 1st Amendment was written to protect.

That's all. I don't think you will post this, because it is measured and intelligent, and you have a vested interest in portraying people who disagree with you as vile-spewing douches. Remember, a simple plea for mercy will end this. Short of that, "Good Luck Bro".