Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Nephew Tom -- One of the Good Guys!

August 8, 2006

The note below was sent to me and many others from my nephew, Tom. He rides every year in the Pan Mass bike ride to raise money for cancer, but this year was different. Since riding last year, Tom himself was diagnosed with cancer and had two surgeries. Today he is cancer free -- a survivor. So this year's Pan Mass ride was sweeter for him and for our family. Below is his report on the ride. Feel free to donate to this worthy cause, if you like. Because every family has a Tom, not just mine. -- Sue Ann

Hello everyone, The 2006 PMC has come and gone and I'm happy to report that I made it! It was a bit harder this year but even more rewarding. Standing in the cool air Saturday morning, I could only be thankful that I had survived to ride at least one more ride. I had my doubts earlier in the year, but hoped I would be healthy enough to do this at least once more.

This past weekend was my birthday and I turned two.

Love and hope are all this ride is about. The pain and struggle and injury are burdens carried with pride. To give hope and show love are the goals and ultimately, also the rewards. I can't count the number of signs that read, "I'm a survivor" along the way. In Wellfleet, a boy held a sign that read, "Because of you I am 10." If you look through the pictures from last year's ride, a rider had a picture of that boy on his back, but in that picture, his sign read, "Because of you I am 8." His two years give hope to those that follow. That 10 year old boy inspires. He sows courage whether he knows it or not. His story brings hope to others and they look to the future because of him. That's all this ride really is.

I cannot express the honor I feel in that you allow me to ride for you.

A number of you have expressed a desire to make a donation, but have not yet done so. If you still care to, you can do so online using the following link: http://www.pmc.org/mypmc/profiles.asp?eGiftID=TJ0020 some have said that there was a problem with the link, however, many have donated online. Should you need it, my egift id is tj0020.

We're up to approximately $3000 so far and still have a ways to go. Attached is a picture from this year's ride. It's at a water stop 100 miles in on the first day. The handsome fella on the handlebars Radar. He supervised both of my surgeries to make sure nothing went wrong and I rewarded him with a free tour of parts of Massachusetts. He held up pretty well except for an incident not too long after this photo was snapped when a friend's dog mistook him for a chew toy. Radar's a tough son of a gun, though, and made it the rest of the way.

I hope to celebrate my 3rd birthday with you next year! Thanks again for you love and support, Tom

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