Thursday, October 26, 2006

Let Them Eat Cake

Last Saturday night the Los Angeles chapter of Sisters In Crime chapter launched its latest anthology LAndmarked for Murder, a collection of short fiction centered on various Southern California landmarks. For the event, The Mystery Book Store in Westwood rolled out the red carpet of welcome and people contributed champagne and munchies. The chapter even bought a cake with the book cover emblazoned on the top in colored rice paper.

During the event I noticed Susan Beery, the board member who coordinated the entire anthology, guarding the cake, carefully serving people from the sections surrounding the image of the book, avoiding cutting into the bookcover. Near the end of the event all that was left of the cake was, indeed, the section under the cover. When a couple of more people wanted cake, Susan managed to carve out sushi-thin scraps. At the end of the night, she wrapped the remaining cake up carefully to be frozen like the top of a wedding cake. Her idea is to bring it back out for our December meeting. Maybe then we can entice her to cut it.

On January 27, 2007, I will be launching the second Odelia Grey mystery, The Curse of the Holy Pail, at The Mystery Book Store and I was thinking about having a similar cake with the cover on the top.

Now hold the phone! Do I really want people cutting into my book cover? Will I be standing nervously by saying, "You can have a piece of the lunchbox, but not of Odelia's face?" Or, "Do you really need to carve up my name like that?" Or, "Would you like a piece of boob or a piece of ass with your champagne?"

I think I'm going to order cupcakes.

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SKB said...

You are too funny, Sue Ann!

The "LAndmarked" cake is in the deep freeze - quadruple wrapped,locked in a QVC box, insulated by old red wine corks and marking time until it's ultimate demise on December 3rd.